Double Sided Mobile Stand

Double Sided Mobile Stand
- Rotates 360 degree and can be locked in place to prevent movement
- Durable powdered coated steel with aluminium frame board
- Smooth and scratch resistant board
- Heavy-duty sturdy stand with castor wheels
- Stable mobility and easy to assemble with quality hardware
- Adjustable aluminium marker tray

Dimension (H x W)
a) 900mm x 1200mm (3' x 4')
b) 900mm x 1500mm (3' x 5')
c) 900mm x 1800mm (3' x 6')
d) 1200mm x 1200mm (4' x 4')
e) 1200mm x 1500mm (4' x 5')
f) 1200mm x 1800mm (4' x 6')
g) 1200mm x 2400mm (4' x 8')


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